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My Genesis

Genesis makes luxury vehicles that strike the perfect balance between performance an elegance. Their customers expect nothing less, so when Hyundai Motor America approached us to re-imagine the owner experience, we couldn’t resist. From re-thinking CRM processes to updating the look and feel to better match the elegance of their vehicles, we refined everything and delivered a brand new


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Since the My Genesis experience is not completely gated, the dashboard needed to be a destination for existing owners and prospective customers alike. The dashboard experience is totally customizable, with quick access to features such as vehicle health, remote actions, resources, and many more.

Vehicle Health

This multi-function page was crucial to the owner experience. From here, the owner can perform a number of tasks that monitor the performance of their vehicle. They can view a system scan of their vehicle to diagnose potential issues, schedule service appointments, view maintenance timelines, and access a log of their past service history.

Connected Services

This was another section of the site that had to serve both existing and potential owners. For prospective customers, it needed to promote the benefits and convenience of enrolling. For owners who were already enrolled, it allowed them to access all of their remote actions as well as manage their subscription plans.

We helped streamline the UX processes for these remote actions to make them as simple as possible. With a quick tap/click, an owner could start their car, lock/unlock their doors, or get directions sent to their vehicle.

Connected Services Driving Stats

The last part of the owner experience that was completely brand new was the idea of “driving stats.” Over time, owners would be able to view different usage stats and compare them to the Genesis community at-large. The monitoring of these specific features not only helped add a gamification aspect, but also was used as validation tool to show owners the value their Connected Services subscription had added.