Case Study


For over 100 years Maytag has been dedicated to building machines that people can depend on. We helped deliver a brand new site that not only helped customers find their perfect appliance, but also encapsulated Maytag’s core value: dependability.


Art Direction
UI Design


Digitas LBi

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mega-menu design

Maytag is a highly visual brand. They want their products to not only look durable, but also recognizable at first glance. So we built a visual navigation to show the wide breadth of products they have to offer.

category landing pages

Using multiple templates to categorize their product offering, we were able to re-structure their taxonomy to help guide their customer through the education process so they know they are finding the perfect appliance.

Product Detail Page

We built a highly interactive product page utilzing multiple angles to open, rotate, and close the appliance as the customer scrolls. By keeping the product in view at all times and having the accompanying features side by side with the appliance, it helps bridge the gap between buying an appliance in store vs. online.

Guided shopping experience

With such a robust product lineup, it can be a bit daunting finding the perfect appliance. My team at Digitas built a guided shopping assistant (fittingly using the Maytag Man tone of voice), to help. By answering a few quick questions, we were able to serve up a handful of options tailor made just for you.